PTFA assists civil society organizations in East Asia design and implement programs that strengthen transparency, accountability and good governance through citizen engagement.

PTFA is an independent non-profit organization registered with the Philippines Security and Exchange Commission that is affiliated with PTF’s headquarters in Washington, DC. PTFA promotes the mission it shares with PTF, mobilizing funds and supporting the implementation of projects implemented by local CSOs in developing East Asian countries. PTFA draws lessons from each of its experiences to develop knowledge products that assist civil society, research and public policy.

As we focus on scaling-up our activities in target countries according to PTF’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, the majority of our current activities are currently taking place in the Philippines.


Our Programs


Guarding the Integrity of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program for the Philippines (i-Pantawid)

i-Pantawid aims to develop a model for civil society—government partnership for transparent and accountable implementation of the Patanwid Pamiliyang Pilipino Program.


Strengthening Citizens Involvement in Mitigating Governance Risks in Local Government Units in the Philippines

This program provided technical assistance to support more effective citizen engagement in the formulation and execution of budgets and procurement processes at the local level.


Transparency and Accountability in Mongolia Education (TAME)

TAME addresses the development challenge of providing disadvantaged ethnic minorities of Mongolia access to better education services by increasing efficiency, transparency and accountability.


Enhancing the Impact of Citizen-Led Transparency Initiatives for Good Governance

This program piloted citizen monitoring of government programs at the local level that could be adopted to enhance the implementation of national programs.

Featured Publications

The Report details the results and lessons of decade-long (2003-2013) PTF support to Filipino CSOs to fight corruption. It celebrates the successes and reflects on challenges faced as PTF enters a new phase in the Philippines – a regional affiliate called PTF Asia in Manila.

Conditional cash transfer programs (CCTPs) have proven effective in generating poverty alleviation impacts. However these achievements are undermined by fraud, errors, and corruption. This paper explores the integrity risks of CCTPs and how to manage them.

The report summarizes the combined wisdom of civil society organizations, citizens and anti-corruption experts, engaging in the fight against corruption in Asia. It provides practitioner-relevant expert advice, case studies and presentations.


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Our Team

PTFA is managed by its Board of Directors, volunteers, staff and consultants. They are supported by over 70 advisers that serve as unpaid consultants to the PTF network by evaluating, managing and monitoring grants and activities.

Board of Directors

Cesar B. Umali Jr.

Cesar serves as PTF’s M&E Specialist for WB GPSA i-Pantawid…...

Pura Sumangil

Since 1986, Manang Pura has held the reins of the…...

Geert van der Linden

Geert van der Linden has held various senior management positions…...

Dante de los Angeles

Dante de los Angeles is Board Member/Treasurer/Managing Director of PTF…...

Vinay Bhargava

Vinay served as the senior adviser for Public Sector Governance…...

Staff & Advisers


Hector Crisostomo


Imelda Perez

roussam dilig_photo

Roussam Dilig

Volunteer Experts

We engage PTF’s network of highly experienced international development specialists from various institutions, NGOs and government agencies who offer their experiences pro-bono. Those Advisers working on programs in East Asia are listed here. Click the button below to see the full list of PTF Experts.

  • Vinay Bhargava
  • Donald Bowser
  • Linda Bruce
  • John Clark
  • Francesco Clementucci
  • Dante de los Angeles
  • Judith Edstrom
  • Jeffrey Gutman
  • Roslyn Hees
  • Norman Hicks
    • Mohini Malhotra
    • Richard Holloway
    • Lars Jeurling
    • Barbara Kafka
    • Jeff Kass
    • Aloysius Ordu
    • Frank Mcnerney
    • Rajat Nag
    • Matthias Meyer
    • Lelia Mooney
      • Karti Sandilya
      • Redempto Parafina
      • Lars Jeurling
      • Indira Sandilya
      • Chris Redfern
      • Daniel Ritchie
      • Willem Struben
      • Robert Sullivan
      • Tjaarda Storm Van Leeuwen
      • Richard Stern
      • Björn Wellenius
      • Pietronella van den Oever
      • Geert van der Linden
      • Frederick T Temple
      • Matt Tromme
      • Arif Zulfiqar
      • Dennis Whittle
      • Michael Wiehen

      Our Partners

      PTF partners with local civil society organizations, multilateral development banks, foundations, advocacy groups, government and the private sector to support the global movement towards better governance from the ground up.