Geert van der Linden has held various senior management positions in international development. As a vice president at the Asian Development Bank, Geert held the co-responsibility for giving strategic direction to and management of a major multilateral development bank. As a department head, Geert’s led operational departments with large numbers of professional and other staff at headquarters and in field offices.

Geert has extensive experience with corporate governance and organizational issues, particularly through leading a major reorganization of the operational departments of the Asian Development Bank.

With over 30 years of professional experience, Geert has participated in all facets of international development banking: political, economic and sector analysis, project design and implementation, policy and strategy work, risk management and the internal governance of development banks. He has carried out over 300 missions to member countries of ADB, initially covering all aspects of the project cycle and in later years mainly for facilitating policy discussions with governments at the highest levels.

Since leaving the ADB, he has worked on SME & micro-finance, anti-corruption, risk management, governance and alongside civil society organizations. Geert holds an advanced degree in economics.